St. Augustine Chapel 200th Anniversary

Celebrating the past, securing the future

St. Augustine Cemetery and Chapel Celebrates Bicentennial

The Catholic Parishes of South Boston will join together in celebrating the rich history of St. Augustine Chapel & Cemetery begining in September 2018, with a Mass celebrated by Cardinal Sean. The Chapel, now in the care of the Gate of Heaven and St. Brigid Parish Collaborative, is still a very active worship site celebrating funerals, baptisms, weddings and a weekly Saturday vigil Mass.

It is believed more than 1000 people are buried within the Cemetery grounds, many of whom are early immigrants from Ireland. Restoring and beautifying the grounds and Chapel will ensure the exisitence of this site for many generations to come.

We are currently in the planning process for celebration ideas throughout the year to honor the past 200 years of the Cemetery Chapel and its significance within the Archdiocese of Boston, as well as the South Boston community. 

Additionally, we are beginning a fundraising effort to secure funds for needed repairs and improvements to the Chapel itself, as well as the surrounding grounds. Neccessary repairs include a new roof, repointing the building, replacing the brick floor within the Chapel, and making the Chapel fully handicapped accessible.

Chapel Facts and Figures

Chapel History

 composed and published in 1995 by Minxie Fannnin

Chapel Architectural Survey

 Library of Congress document showing the design of the Chapel as surveyed in 1934


A Visit Inside St. Augustine Cemetery Chapel

 Bishop John Dooher, formerly a parochial vicar at St. Augustine Parish, gives an oral history of the Chapel for CatholicTV.

An early history of the Catholic Church in South Boston

 from "History of the Catholic Church in New England" published in 1899. This book was written when the Parishes of South Boston were: St. Augustine, Sts. Peter & Paul, Gate of Heaven, St. Vincent de Paul, Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Lady of Czestochowa, and St. Joseph's Chapel.

Rev. Philip Lariscy, O.S.A.- founder of St. Augustine Chapel

 from "The American Catholic Historical Researches 1885: Vols. 2-5" published in 1885. This excerpt gives a background of the founder Fr. Philip Lariscy, of the order of St. Augustine of Hippo. It details the founding of the Chapel as well as Fr. Lariscy's other work in the establishment of the early Catholic Church in the United States. It estimates Boston's Catholic Population at 2,120 in 1820-- just after the Chapel was built.

Graveyard Online Registry 

 a registry of those buried in the Cemetery grounds.

A Visitor's Account of St. Augustine Chapel & Cemetery

 We often have visitors to the Chapel for weekend Mass and for geneolgy research








The Gates at St. Augustine Chapel and Cemetery are open to all!

Monday - Friday
8:30am - 1:30pm

8:30am - 5pm  

8:30am - 1pm














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